James Garfield Quotes

Fellow citizens! God reigns, and the Government at Washington still lives!

15th April, 1865. Attributed speech on Lincoln’s assassination.

I am not willing that this discussion should close without mention of the value of a true teacher. Give me a long hut, with only a simple bench, Mark Hopkins on one end and I on the other, and you may have all the buildings, apparatus and libraries without him.

28th December, 1871. Address to Williams College Alumni, New York.

Once or twice I felt like crying out in the agony of my soul against the greed for office and its consumption of my time.

April, 1874. American Heritage magazine.

My God, what is there in this place that a man should ever want to get in it?


Give me a log cabin in the center of the state of Ohio, with one room in it and a bench with Mark Hopkins on one end of it and me on the other, and that would be a college good enough for me.

September, 1881. Quoted in Harpers Magazine.