European Roulette – one of the mastodons in the gambling world

There are millions of hazardous people all over the world, who can’t imagine their lives without having a chance to play European Roulette for free or for real money at least once a day. Even in spite of the existence of American type of the game, exactly European variant has much more followers, first of all, cause of the smaller house edge, achieved by the absence of the field “00” that is on American Roulette layout.

Of course, it’s always a matter of luck while playing the game, but what is European Roulette’s main advantage? – Every more or less experienced gambler can use different strategies to increase the winning chances. Thus, the game is an amazing mixture of fortune and know-how.

The basic features of European Roulette

The main goal, playing Roulette, is to guess the right number. The bets can be of inside and outside types. Below are 2 tables, showing the possible variants of betting with winning odds.

Straight upSingle number35:1
SplitAdjacent fields17:1
Street3 numbers on a line11:1
Corner4 spots with a joint corner8:1
Line6 numbers on two neighboring lines5:1
ColumnOne column of numbers2:1
DozenOne dozen of numbers2:1
Red or BlackRed/Black fields1:1
Even or OddEven/Odd number1:1
Low or HighThe numbers from 1 to 18, or from 19 to 361:1

Well, these are all possible bets in Roulette, and getting sight of them, it should be clear that there’s nothing complicated in the gameplay.

There exist some betting systems, which can increase winning chances, and short descriptions of the most popular of them are given below.

European Roulette games
  • Martingale Strategy is definitely the most popular one among fans of European Roulette. The essence is to use only 3 types of bets: Red/Black, Even/Odd, Hi/Low. It’s necessary to double the bet after every loss and to return to the starting bet, when the bet played.
  • D’Alembert system offers players to increase the next bet by one if there’s a loss, and to decrease by one if there’s a win.
  • Fibonacci system is one of the safest strategies in Roulette. It’s based on Fibonacci numbers, which have the form of the sequence of numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… As it can be seen every following number is the summary of 2 previous ones. If a gambler loses, it’s necessary to use the next number, but if the bet plays, the next try should be 2 numbers before from the line.

Thus, Roulette is not as complicated, as it can seem from the first sight. More of this, it’s difficult to find a hazardous game that will bring the same portion of adrenaline, as Roulette does.

The best gambling sources to play European Roulette with the most attractive bonuses

When the main rules are learned, the next step is to find a gambling source that offers users to play European Roulette, and where the bonus system is attractive enough. So, below given online casinos are ones of those, which should be visited first of all.

  • BetVictor. The source offers 50 USD on a 10 USD Wager as a welcome bonus. It has 100 % European Roulette contribution.
  • 888 Casino. All new registered players receive 100 % of welcome bonus with up to 100 USD. At the same time there’s a gift at the size of 88 USD that should be wagered.
  • Registration bonus is 100 % with up to 100 USD and 200 free spins is quite attractive, especially, for beginners.
  • William Hill. The source presents 300 USD as a welcome bonus with 40X wagering requirements, where Roulette contribution is up to 50 %.

The given information allows fans of the game being armed with necessary knowledge to start own way in this amazing and exciting world of European Roulette.